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According to the order, the Institute of 14.10.2011. № 110 "About scientific edition Institute via EMS" KPI "" Information Technology and Security "and the certificate of registration of print media from 30.08.2011 HF series number in 18225-7025R Institute founded scientific periodical collection of scientific papers "Information technology and security" ( "Information technology and security").

Proceedings of "Information Technology and Security" ( "Information Technology and Security") - the scientific periodical ISZZI "KPI", whose goal is to improve the performance of the Institute of tasks in the training of bachelors, masters and research staff by creating and providing opportunities for publication and dissemination of scientific and applied research, original and review works of the main problems of modern information technology, mathematical and computer modeling, cyber security and protection of information in telecommunication systems and networks (including the protection of personal data), risk management and information security, establishing information exchange on information technology, protection of state information resources in information and telecommunication systems, creation, functioning, security and development of information and telecommunication systems and other issues relating to scientific, applied and educational diyalnostiISZZI "KPI".

Editorial collection of scientific papers "Information Technology and Security" is waiting for your work.

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