Research center PDF

The main tasks of the research center (hereinafter – RC) that functions at the institute, is implementation of research and innovation activities to ensure integration of education and science into production, enhancing the role of the Institute as the educational and scientific establishment, training highly qualified scientific and academic personnel, implementation of scientific achievements into the learning process, as well as scientific, technical and technological developments, carrying out joint programs in the priority areas of fundamental and applied researches in the field of cryptographic and technical information security together with other departments and agencies of State Service, universities and research institutions.

The main activities of the RC are:

  • Organization and coordination of scientific and technological activity of structural divisions of the Institute, control of this activities;
  • Organizing and conducting of exploration, applied research, research and development work aimed at solving problems of functioning and development of the State system of governmental communication, National System of confidential communication, protection of state information resources in information and telecommunications systems, cryptographic and technical protection of information;
  • Conducting economic activity in accordance with legislation, related to the development, production, use, operation, certification testing, case studies, examination of cryptographic and technical protection of information services in the field of cryptographic and technical protection of information.