Special Division №3 PDF

Provides training in telecommunications and is a graduating one.

Area of knowledge: 0509 "Radio, Radio-electronic Devices and Communication" 

Direction for bachelors: "Telecommunications" 

Direction for bachelors: 8.05090302 "Telecommunications Systems and Networks" 

Qualifications: specialist engineer in electronic connectivity

Cadets get deep knowledge in:

  • mathematics (particularly in the fields of mathematical statistics, probability theory, statistical decision theory, queuing theory);
  • information and communications technologies (in the areas of: transmission systems, satellite, radio relay and tropospheric communication, mobile communications systems, photonic transport, local, geographically distributed networks and subscriber access, wireless access systems, trunking communications system and electric communication).

Graduates get skills in:

  • development of information and telecommunications systems and equipment;
  • in solving problems of synthesis procedures for processing (demodulation, filtering, nonlinear transformations) signals;
  • in analyzing the efficiency of telecommunications systems bandwidth and noise immunity means;
  • how to use modern information and Telecommunications Systems (installation, administration, maintenance).

Graduates may hold primary positions of:

  • specialist engineer;
  • engineer-researcher;
  • deputy head and head of the department (service sector, department, project).

The department carries out training postgraduates in such areas:

  • theoretical research in multi-detection;
  • development of methods to increase energy and immunity stealth of radio instruments operating under the influence of structural noise;
  • development and production of layouts antennas VHF and UHF bands;
  • development of methods of entry in synchronism with pseudo-random retuning of radio operating frequency;
  • improvement of OFDM-signals processing.