Special Division №2 PDF

Provides training in the field of information security and is a graduating one.

Area of knowledge: 1701 "Information Security"

Direction for bachelors: 6.170103 "Information Security Management"

Training for master’s degree: It is planned to be licensed in 2016.

Qualifications: Specialist of Information Security

Cadets get deep knowledge in:

  • mathematics (particularly in the fields of mathematical statistics, operations research theory, probability theory, statistical decision theory, queuing theory);
  • control theory;
  • issues concerning national security;
  • state secrets protection features;
  • design procedures of information security risks;
  • use of hardware and software and technical means of information protection.

Graduates get skills in:

  • development of regulations that define features of protection of State information;
  • information security of separate objects on the basis of both national legislation and using the best international practices;
  • operation of electronic documents;
  • advanced Information and Telecommunications Systems (installation, administration, maintenance);
  • programming;
  • modeling;
  • use of Internet search.

Graduates may hold primary positions of:

  • diplomatic courier;
  • a specialist in organization of information security;
  • specialist in protection of classified information;
  • expert in secrecy;
  • inspector of the secrecy of the information.

The department carries out training postgraduates in such areas:

  • theoretical research into the construction of systems for information security management;
  • information security systems modeling.