Special Division №1 PDF

Trains specialists in the field of cryptographic and technical protection of information and is a graduating one.

Area of knowledge: 1601 "Information Security"

Direction for bachelors: 6.170101 "Safety of Information and Communications Systems"

Training for master’s degree: 8.170102 "Security of State Information Resources"

Qualifications: professional of information protection in telecommunication systems

Cadets get deep knowledge in:

  • mathematics;
  • programming;
  • information and communication technologies;
  • technical protection of information;
  • cryptographic protection of information;
  • protection of information in computer systems and networks;
  • cryptographic tools and equipment components and systems for government communications;
  • and security of government communications. 

Graduates get skills in: synthesis, analysis and design of cryptographic systems;

  • construction and maintenance of complex systems to protect information systems and technical protection of information;
  • special studies;
  • application of modern systems and cryptographic protection of information;
  • safe administration of computer systems and networks;
  • combat attacks on computer systems and networks;
  • assessing the risks of information security institutions, organizations, etc.

Graduates may hold primary positions of: an expert (specialist, professional engineer, research engineer, deputy head, head) of department (service sector, department, facility, station):

  • information security in information and telecommunications systems;
  • information security;
  • security of state information resources.