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Courses for entrants ISZZI "KPI"

    Preparatory courses Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (hereinafter - ISZZI NTU "KPI") operate under the bilateral Agreement on Cooperation between the Institute for Monitoring Educational Quality National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic University" ISZZI NTU "KPI".

Training in training courses organized to address the following objectives:
  ▪ bringing the knowledge of students of preparatory courses for competitive disciplines (mathematics, physics, Ukrainian language and literature) with the requirements of university programs;
  ▪ depth training of students of preparatory courses for competitive disciplines to external independent evaluation (UPE);
  ▪ deep professional orientation of students training courses;
  ▪ selection of candidates for admission to the Institute, including search of talented young people prone to creative and inventive activity and attract it to the search operation.

Forms of education on training courses ISZZI NTU "KPI":
  • evening - classes are held at scheduled sessions twice a week for four academic hours (16.15 to 19.15) (for persons residing or serving in the city. Kyiv and suburbs);
  • external studies (part-time) - Classes are held on schedule classes once a week on Saturdays at 8 academic hours (10.00 to 16.00) (for persons residing or serving in other regions of Ukraine).
Terms of training for preparatory courses ISZZI NTU "KPI":
  ▪ 7 months - one-year training cycle (October - April);
  ▪ 1-5 months - short-term rapid rates.

Training on preparatory courses is made on a contractual basis in the following form:
  ▪ training sessions in the form of lectures;
  ▪ independent work - individual performance appraisal work;
  ▪ control measures - final performance benchmark tests (required arrival listeners in due time to the training courses).
Training sessions and audits are conducted in classrooms NTU "KPI".
The target group of the Institute of training courses can be as special communication students of 11th grade schools and individuals who have completed their previous years and is willing to join to study ISZZI NTU "KPI".
Enrollment for studies preparatory courses through preparatory courses ISZZI NTU "KPI" for the relevant personnel transfers from customer departments (State Special Security Service of Ukraine, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the State Guard of Ukraine and other central executive authorities and military units) residence or service candidate, who recommended him to study at the Institute.

To enroll in courses listener must to 30 September of the year preceding the year of entry come to the preparatory department of the Institute and submit:
  ▪ application form to the Head of the Institute;
  ▪ photocopy of passport or birth certificate;
  ▪ copy of report card for Grade 10 (for those who completed the training institutions photocopy of the document state of complete secondary education and annex);
  ▪ referral unit staffing customer;
  ▪ 2 photos (3x4);
  ▪ Receipt of payment of the cost of the first month of training, according to the approved budget.
Extra sets in October and November months.
Training on preparatory courses is paid.
According to the rules of admission to persons from among the professionally oriented young people a year joining completed courses of the Institute of System Preparatory NTU "KPI" for admission to training in full secondary education in the relevant direction of ISZZI added 20 points for the results final certification.
Every year at least 75% of graduates of training courses are students of the Institute.

Addresses and contact numbers:
Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection
National Technical University of Ukraine
"Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
03056, m. Kyiv, vul. Verhnyoklyuchova 4,
another institution - (044) 204-91-51;
preparatory department of the institute -
(097) 154-88-78;
(093) 690-70-80;
department staffing Institute - (044) -406-84-01;
Fax - (044) 204-90-77.

Administration of the State Service for Special Communications
and Information Protection of Ukraine,
Department staffing
03680, m. Kyiv, vul. Solomenskaya 13
(044) 281-93-70.