27 січня 2018 року запрошуємо на "ДЕНЬ ВІДКРИТИХ ДВЕРЕЙ". Початок о 10 годині. Для попередньої реєстрації заповніть форму на сайті (натисніть сюди).

Terms of admission applications PDF

Deadline for receipt of applications and documents, entrance examinations (examinations), competitive selection and enrollment to the Institute

Acceptance of applications and documents, entrance tests (exams), competitive selection and enrollment applicants on the basis of complete secondary education in full-time education is conducted in the following terms:

The stages of the admission campaign

Terms of
Getting admission applications and documents July 11, 2016
Deadline of applications and documents from persons who come under the state order and have to pass entrance exams (exams)

at 18.00 am
July 20, 2016

Conducting entrance exams (exams)

July 21 - July 27

Publication of the ranking list of applicants, indicating recommended for admission
not later


July 28, 2016

Expiration entrants performance requirements for admission
18.00 hours

August 1, 2016

Admission Admission to the Institute

no later than 12.00

August 2, 2016