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According to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 13.12.2006 № 1719 (as amended) "Listing of directions, which professionals in higher education institutions for the educational qualification of Bachelor are trained" and dated 27.08.2010 № 787 (as amended) "Confirmation of the list of specialties trained in higher education qualification for the levels of specialist and master. ISCIP NTUU “KPI” "trains only on full-time educational basis and for state-guaranteed order specialists in educational levels" bachelor "and" specialist "under the license of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Ukraine BP on series AD number 073 168 from 08.01.2013 valid until 07/01/2016:

Code Number Title of Expertise Area

Educational Qualification Level

of Bachelor

Educational Qualification Level

of Specialist

Area of Competence Code of Competence Area Title of Specialty, Licensed Range Code of Specialty

0501 Computer Science and Numerical Engineering Computer Sciences 6.050101 nformational Management Systems and Technologies 7.05010101
0509 Radio Engineering, Electronic Devices and Communications Telecommunications 6.050903 Telecommunications systems and networks 7.05090302
1701 Information Protection

Security of Information and Communications Systems 6.170101 Security of State Information Resources 7.17010102
Information Protection Management 6.170103