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Network Academy Academy Institute of special communication and information protection of NTUU "KPI" (hereinafter-the ÌSZZÌ of NTUU "KPI") was open on a special chair no. 3 on 26 October 2006. The head of the Academy is Professor of the Special Department of the No. 3 candidate, Assistant Golovin y. o.

From among the personnel of the Department was prepared 3 certified instructors (Natalenko p., Ovraško s. o., Bogush k.p.). To conduct workshops in 2006 due to special faculty SAT Ukraine purchased Kit hardware mounted personnel laboratory in the educational classroom Chair. In 2012 the Academy passed re-registration.

Network Academy Academy CCNA at ÌSZZÌ NTUU "KPI" carries out preparation of students (cadets) program CCNA Exploration. CCNA Exploration (Cisco Certified Network Associate-certified expert in computer networking)-curriculum down into a complex and comprehensive study of topics related to the latest network technologies. The course consists in fundamental preparation of listeners of the theory and practice of designing, constructing and technical support to local and global networks using commonly accepted standards and solutions. Students will gain skills in the installation and configuration of switches and routers Academy in bagatoprotokol′nih, networks that combine local and geographically separated network (LAN and WAN), debugging at the initial stage, boost productivity and security networks.

Program CCNA Exploration is designed for 280-hour training course that includes the following 4 semesters:

CCNA 1 Network Fundamentals (fundamentals of network technologies) (introduction to network, basic network principles, networked environment, transmission, testing of cables, cable connection, LAN and WAN, basic principles, technology and switching Ethernet, TCP/IP stack, TCP and IP addressing, basic principles of routing and subnet breaking transport and application layer TCP/IP).
The main focus of this semester is given to the principles of modern computer networks, IP technology and network mathematics.

CCNA 2-Routing Protocols and Concepts (Basic protokol′noï routing) (WAN and routers in routers, router configuration, obtaining information about other devices, control the operating system Cìsco ÌOS, routing and routing protocols, distance-vector routing protocols, basic troubleshooting, introduction to router bezklasovu routing OSPF in a single area, EÌGRP).
The main focus of this semester to routers, protocols and principles of routing, as well as adjustment devices the routing network.

CCNA 3: LAN Switching and Wireless (fundamentals of switching and wireless networks) (the concept of switching, switches, switch configuration, Protocol pokrivaûčogo trees, virtual LAN, protocol virtual trankìnga, structure and fundamentals of building wireless networks, security in wireless networks).
This semester focuses on komutatoram and their-making activities, technologies of switching and wireless networks.

CCNA 4: Accessing the WAN (technology global networks) (scaling IP addresses technology WAN, PPP, ÌSDN and DDR, Frame Relay, introduction to network administration).
This semester are detailed technology of distributed global networks and their most common protocols, as well as a description of their configuration.

After successful completion of training by each of the semesters the students receive Academic certificate. The surrender of control tests on modules and the corresponding semester is carried out in English via the INTERNET. For CCNA you must pass two exams: 640-821: INTRO and 640-811: Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices. You can also obtain the status of CCNA in two stages, and adding only one exam, 640-801: Cisco Certified Network Associate.

For students who have successfully completed the training course CCNA (with an average score of more than 80%) of the company Cisco Systems provides a voucher for up to 70% discount for passing a certification exam for the CCNA certificate of international standard in testing's VUE (Kyiv).

Most of the theoretical and practical material course CCNA integrated into academic disciplines that are taught in special departments of no. 1, 3 and 5. The remaining material is studied with the cadets 3, 4 and 5 courses Optional during independent work.

During this time studied in our Academy of Cisco at ÌSZZÌ NTUU "KPI" over 50 cadets and officers of the warehouse, from which received a semester academic certificates – more than 25. Cadets took part in the qualifying rounds of the Competition and Cisco for students and schoolchildren of Ukraine.

Contact details for the courses:

Owner-Golovin Yuriy Oleksandrovych

(044) 281-91-51 connect 3-21